Many of us as children were encouraged to keep a journal, a story of the happenings of our lives so that we could remember things that have happened to us in the past.  We might have jotted down “New Year’s Resolutions” each January in the hopes that would spark us to make changes we wanted to see in our lives.  Some of us even went to extremes with the decoration and the colors of our journals to make them more prominent on the desktop they occupied or the shelf in which they were kept.  Most of the time you wrote in the past or future tense when you would place an entry in your journal.

Today I went to my favorite coffee shop after school and enjoyed that mocha thing that they make so well.  It always brings a smile to my face.

Practice was hard today!  Coach was on me about my footwork!  Grrrr!  I am working on it, state is only three weeks away.    

Christmas is coming and I know what I want more than anything in the world.  A puppy!!  I hope, I hope, I hope.  I have wanted one for so long!

Some people continue the ritual of keeping a journal, very few continue to use it on a daily basis because “life is too busy”.  Really??  Too busy to ask and receive all the things that you want in this life??  Pish!!!  Tosh!!   This is a sure sign that you are not in alignment with your goals, your happiness or your soul’s purpose.  But we will get into that later!

Journaling...with a purpose!

There are several ways to journal and each technique has a purpose associated with the type of journaling being completed.   

There is collective journaling, where you record things you find that are of interest to you such as recipes or garden techniques.  Some people often refer to these as project or idea journals.

There is record journaling, or historical journaling, in which you “record” the events of the day in past tense.  Much like a scribe would record the goings on of a particular group or like your grandmother creating a  book of history for your family.


Then there is the best kind of journaling in my opinion and that is intention or manifest journaling.  The art of asking for what you want in a present tense form as if it had already taken place.  This puts that powerful and mysterious subconscious to work for you and in a positive way and rewires your brain with the power of intent!

There are many ways to write with mindset and intent that lend energy to your actions and help you achieve your dreams.  There is a powerful technique that was published in The Secret by Bob Proctor that many people incorporate this idea when they start using journaling as a manifesting tool.  Your journal entry would start such as "I am so happy and grateful now that...." and write your goals, aspirations and dreams as if they are happening now.  You show gratitude for the wonderful things happening in your life and create high vibrations for attracting abundance and the joy you feel achieving your biggest dreams.

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