Entrepreneurs Have Amazing Imaginations!

Right now that idea you have in your head is just exploding with thoughts and images and you might get stuck in this space.  No one has ever shown you how to get to that next place, how to move forward and take action.  But you really want to and your can feel it!  That rush you get when a great idea is born with all the energy of your soul!  Spectacular!!


What Do you Do Now? 

You will do what 90% of the population does and start to think of all the reason why it would never work and why you should just stay where you are in your acceptable life, with your acceptable job, doing acceptable things, to earn an acceptable wage.


 Today is the Day! Take Action! 

You make a list of all the things you need to do to make your idea tangible to people in the real world. 

You need a plan!  You need a clear vision!  You need a map!  You are ready to get started yesterday!  

But where do you start?  How do you continue? 

What happens when you don't have all the answers? 

Now something that might not come to mind when you are making these lists and creating a plan, sometime the universe doesn't get the memo, so you need to get on the same page! 

You need to create your vision and to do that you need to be clear as crystal about what that looks like!



25 Years Business Experience

Serial Entrepreneur, involved in 30+ start-ups, great at piecing the puzzle together.  All of which will can help you through your challenges that you will find in your business.  A personal approach to the needs of your vision and what you want to bring to your clients!  Incrementally crazy insight that will help you with the big picture.


Limited number of One:One Clients 

Personal attention to your business needs and your goals.  Limiting the number of 1:1 clients is important in my business.  It is a conscious choice that I have made in my business to make sure that I share the same high level of dedication, energy and connections with my each of my individual clients.  30, 60 or 90 days of intense focus on your goals, your desires and your big dream requires the same devotion from me!  

What My Do My Clients Say…


Perpetuate Momentum & Achieve Goals


The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Coaching Program® offers a unique combination of small business coaching combined with tools and techniques for positive momentum and high energy as you do what it takes to create, launch, and grow your business.

Clarity and Creation

  • 2 Clarity Self-assessments:
  • The Mindset Strength Assessment
  • Entrepreneur Empowered Action Assessments
  • 3 60 minute 1-1 video session for goal setting, recorded  ($250 Value)
  • Create and clearly identify your vision
  • Customized Organization and Action Plan
  • Assection Action Module
  • Journaling Intention Module

Getting into Action

  • Weekly emails with e-resources to help you with research, writing, and business practices 
  • Implementation guidence for Customized Organization and Action Plan
  • Weekly accountability email self-assessments
  • Shared Google calendar with me for setting tasks and events to keep you moving

Moving Forward

  • Two 60 min Coaching sessions for "Next Phase" Mindset
  • Discounts on subscriptions, products and courses at
  • Assessment of Customized Organization and Action Plan
  • Membership into an Elite Facebook group to connect with like minded souls for empowerment, collaboration and connection. 
  • VIP pricing on any additional coaching sessions.

Take Action! 

Chose the Program and Payment Plan

Tailored to Your Needs

Step 1: Choose your focus
  • Point Clarity: Create and Focus on 1 business goal over 30 days
  • Momentum Manifestation: Intense work with creation, implementation and action with your business over the course of 2 months.
  • Perpetuation, Creation and Action: Create and Implement 3 business goals over 3 months.
Step 2: Choose a payment plan that fits your budget
  • Single payment (Save 20%)
  • Bi-monthly payment (Save 10%)
  • Weekly payment of any duration - Full price.