Empathetic Friend or Advantageous Acquaintance?

I want to explore the word “friend” with you and see if my logic is somehow skewed a bit to the status quo held by my band of dubious thinkers!  There are many instances in life, where we will feel like someone has taken no regard for us and the pact of … Read More

Feel the Pain, See the Beauty

Many of us in our lives have had extraordinary moments that we remember vividly.  Why do you remember these tiny moments in time?  They define our convictions and allow us to relate to the deepest part of your values, our feelings and our desires.  We connect with these moments for so many reasons … Read More

What is behind a smile at the coffee shop?

So many of us have been there, waiting patiently to grab that little seat in the back with the great chair.  The local little coffee shop that you love to go to and just “be”.    The silence is your warm blanket and you wrap it around you like a talisman the … Read More

Digging for Solutions

This morning while driving to work, I was bombarded by a thought about digging in the metaphorical sense.  Digging to find a solution to a certain issue, problem, dilemma (insert your personal information here) and only coming up with a lot of empty holes.  The mention of the saying, “you are digging … Read More

What Do you Think About, When You Aren’t Thinking?

Sitting quietly, drinking your beverage of choice and allowing your mind to wonder in and out of what I call day dreaming, searching the thoughts that are yet unfulfilled or that are newly manifested in your mind.  It is a place that I love to go and allow myself the freedom to … Read More

Music and Pain – Kindred Spirits

I have to say that is this a hard post for me to write.  I am not generally that person who will share their “feelings” freely in the last few years, for the simple fact that I have packed them away and not allowed them to show too much.  I once was … Read More


Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek around.  I am truly looking forward to the journey ahead with you and see where we can explore, create and inspire the world, one dubious random thought at a time. Some thoughts on this page will be beyond random, others will be questions that … Read More

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