What Do you Think About, When You Aren’t Thinking?

Sitting quietly, drinking your beverage of choice and allowing your mind to wonder in and out of what I call day dreaming, searching the thoughts that are yet unfulfilled or that are newly manifested in your mind.  It is a place that I love to go and allow myself the freedom to seek the answers to questions I don’t know, at least my conscience mind doesn’t know, to ask at present.  It is like watching scenarios play out like a play on a stage and be able to change the script and effect the outcome (don’t you wish you could do this in real life??) to one that is advantageous and meaningful.

This, for some, paints a picture of serenity and peaceful contemplation of life and a way to work through, sometimes dig through, the feelings and emotions that sometime confuse us humans.  For others, it is a scary place full of the unknown and draws up feelings of fear, insecurity and uncertainty that clouds all other thoughts and creates chaos in their mind.   What is the difference in these two types of people?

What makes the dreamers be able to relax into a blissful state and let the wind take them to where ever they need to go?  Is it confidence in their surrounding and personal abilities that allows them to be vulnerable and take the chance on letting their minds wonder, not afraid of what they will tap into?

What makes the fearful be so closed off to such an experience?  The lack of peace and love in their world, the lack of acceptance for who they are or their past?  How can this person break out of this shell that contains them and holds them captive and feel secure enough to branch out into the light?

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