Feel the Pain, See the Beauty

Many of us in our lives have had extraordinary moments that we remember vividly.  Why do you remember these tiny moments in time?  They define our convictions and allow us to relate to the deepest part of your values, our feelings and our desires.  We connect with these moments for so many reasons and sometimes fail to take the time to recognize them for what they mean to us, to our soul.  We are so focused on the destination of our day, we sometimes forget to enjoy the journey that takes us there.  When you feel the pain of a situation, but are still able see the beauty and be grateful for the same situation, you are probably on the right path.

The meaning of a moment can sometimes simply pass by without being acknowledged by those that it so deeply effects.  A moment as simple as a smile from across a room could have a profound effect on someone’s day, but the power of that fleeting moment is lost in the chaos of daily life.  Not taking the time to recognize such moments in our world shows a lack of gratitude for the smallest, but sometimes the best parts of life.

Spending time contemplating the meaning of a moment seems silly because we are so busy being busy. We forget the purpose and intent of our lives holds far greater treasure  than the amount of “work” we are performing for a fee.  We have taken away the emotions of our lives and replaced it with responsibility and reasonable logic for coping with the world as we have been asked to see it.  What purpose does that serve in your life, when you are not using your natural instincts to guide you through the straightaways and curves that define you.  Take the time to listen to those moments.  Sit with them for a time and realize there significance and appreciate them.

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