Digging for Solutions

This morning while driving to work, I was bombarded by a thought about digging in the metaphorical sense.  Digging to find a solution to a certain issue, problem, dilemma (insert your personal information here) and only coming up with a lot of empty holes.  The mention of the saying, “you are digging yourself a hole you can’t get out of” came to mind and I wondered to myself why I would do such a thing.  Especially when time to me is so precious and I don’t like to waste it on anything that doesn’t produce something positive or at the very least, useful.

Now granted this is just to paint a picture, but I am sure that I am not the only one in the world that feels this way at times.  The frustration of looking for something that isn’t there is no more useful than the act itself.  In looking for solutions to problems that may not exist, because of the fact that either the solution to the problem or the problem itself is invalid or unsolvable at the present time, is an incredible waste of energy.  Once this notion is created and seems to be a correct representation of the current events, then we move on to redefining the problem or the question asked to get a more translucent idea for what we are searching.  The emotions that can surface with such an acicular journey is generally full of doubt and dismay, uncertainty and trepidation.  These are the types of emotions that cause flowing tears almost instantly and create a vacancy in the house of our self-confidence.

I concluded the thought, as I felt that coming back to it would possibly lead me to the answers that I was looking for in the first place.  I will update this post when that happens.  Feel free to comment with your own thoughts on the matter, as we could come up with the answers together!  Or a least have a better idea for what we are searching, the right question or the elusive answer.


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