WELCOME Dubious Thinker!

My names is Shellie Miller.

I am so glad to see you found your way here.

Everyone who finds their way to this page has a special quality about them. Everyone who comes to this site wants more from life and knows that there is no way they arrived here by chance.  You think a little differently and see things from multiple sides more often than not. Everyone who lands here is creative, intelligent, curious and above all else they are searching for something extraordinary.

You are here for a reason. You have searched for a way to be more true to yourself and you never really felt like you belong in so many other places. You strive for your goals but have difficulty getting to the end result every time. You recognized coincidence, you know that you have seen signs and you feel certain energy but might have ignored all of it because you have been told that isn't real.

You never give up but you get tired of fighting the same demons time and time again. You want to break free from the cycle of "almost" and move forward in your journey to achieving a blissful, joyful life. You know it is there! You can feel it, you can smell it, for the love of all that's holy you can even taste it!! You understand that some things in this world require trust, faith and above all you know that in order to enjoy the view, you have to put in the work!

Oh the Thinks You Can Think...

Empathetic Friend or Advantageous Acquaintance?

I want to explore the word “friend” with you and see if my logic is somehow skewed a bit to the status quo held by my band of dubious thinkers!  There are many instances in life, where we will feel like someone has taken no regard for us and the pact of … Read More

Feel the Pain, See the Beauty

Many of us in our lives have had extraordinary moments that we remember vividly.  Why do you remember these tiny moments in time?  They define our convictions and allow us to relate to the deepest part of your values, our feelings and our desires.  We connect with these moments for so many reasons … Read More

What is behind a smile at the coffee shop?

So many of us have been there, waiting patiently to grab that little seat in the back with the great chair.  The local little coffee shop that you love to go to and just “be”.    The silence is your warm blanket and you wrap it around you like a talisman the … Read More